These could be very long, lazy holidays which are the stuff of idyllic childhood memories. While in the past those hot summers may have been taken up climbing trees, building dams and playing in the woods, or travelling, these days children on school holidays are more likely to spend their time glued to an electronic device, be it a mobile phone or an iPad or watching television.

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Experts have warned that children’s physical fitness significantly drops over the course of the school holidays. In a recent study by scientists at the UK Active health charity and the University of Essex reveals pupils return to lessons in September overweight and with significantly lower cardiorespiratory fitness. All these could be avoided by talking and persuading Little Johnny or Miss Shona to do a little bit of exercising or engaging in activities that are productive and useful for their well-being. It could also be helpful through finding things to occupy the little ones by taking them out of their comfort zones and engaging them in other more challenging activities.

Engaging children during the summer holidays is a fantastic opportunity to keep them active, creative, and happy.  

Here are fun and enjoyable ways to engage your children during the summer break:

  1. Outdoor water play: Set up a sprinkler, water balloons, or a slip-n-slide for some refreshing fun.
  2. Nature scavenger hunts: Organize scavenger hunts in parks or your backyard to explore nature.
  3. Visit local attractions: Take day trips to museums, zoos, aquariums, or amusement parks.
  4. Arts and crafts: Provide materials for drawing, painting, or making summer-themed crafts.
  5. Backyard camping: Pitch a tent in the backyard and enjoy a night of camping under the stars.
  6. Cooking and baking: Involve children in making summer snacks or ice cream treats.
  7. Outdoor sports: Play soccer, basketball, frisbee, or other outdoor sports together.
  8. Plant a garden: Start a small vegetable or flower garden and teach kids about nurturing plants.
  9. Library visits: Encourage reading by visiting the library and letting children choose books.
  10. Explore local trails: Go hiking or biking on nearby nature trails.
  11. Picnics in the park: Pack a picnic and spend a relaxing day in a nearby park.
  12. DIY science experiments: Conduct simple science experiments using household items.
  13. Learn a new hobby: Introduce children to hobbies like photography, painting, or gardening.
  14. Family bike rides: Go on family bike rides around the neighbourhood or local bike trails.
  15. Volunteer together: Participate in community service or charity projects as a family.
  16. Visit a farmer’s market: Explore a local farmer’s market to learn about fresh produce and support local businesses.
  17. Build a birdhouse or feeder: Engage in a woodworking project to attract birds to your backyard.
  18. Have a picnic. This is a great way to enjoy a meal outdoors and spend time together as a family. Pack a lunch and find a park or other scenic spot to enjoy your meal.
  19. Go camping. This is a great way to get back to nature and have some fun. If you’re not experienced campers, there are plenty of campgrounds that offer amenities like showers and flush toilets.
  20. Go to the zoo. This is a great way to see animals from all over the world. Many zoos have educational programs that teach kids about animals and their habitats.
  21. Create a summer journal: Encourage kids to write or draw about their summer adventures.
  22. Backyard Olympics: Organize friendly competitions with various backyard games.
  23. Science centres and planetariums: Visit science centres or planetariums for interactive learning.
  24. Make homemade popsicles: Experiment with different fruit flavours to make refreshing popsicles.
  25. Learn a new dance: Follow dance tutorials online and have a dance party at home.
  26. Star-gazing nights: Set up blankets and look at stars during a clear summer night.
  27. Learn to swim: Enrol children in swimming classes or spend time together at the pool.
  28. Family movie nights: Have movie nights with popcorn and watch family-friendly films.

These activities will keep your children engaged, happy, and active during the summer holidays while creating lasting memories for the whole family.

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DEAR PARENT – Please customize the list based on your children’s interests and your local resources to ensure a fun-filled summer!

As of old: Be EMPOWERED and EXCEL!!  

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