A SYNONYM is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language.
The exercise is designed to help you prepare for the verbal and written sections of many assessment and entrance exams. By completing the exercises, you will also increase your vocabulary and refine your knowledge of words.
Select the word that most nearly means the word provided.

  1. DUPE most nearly means . . . .
    A. rancher
    B. trick
    C. simpleton
    D. drug
  2. STIGMA most nearly means . . . .
    A. stain
    B. trial
    C. difficulty
    D. holiness
  3. RESIDE most nearly means . . . .
    A. remain
    B. home
    C. dwell
    D. sediment
  4. COVETOUS most nearly means . . . .
    A. quiet
    B. sneaky
    C. lurking
    D. greedy
  5. ABIDE most nearly means . . . .
    A. endure
    B. hate
    C. attendance
    D. live
  6. SHREWD most nearly means . . . .
    A. intractable
    B. mean
    C. astute
    D. intelligent
  7. FETTER most nearly means . . . .
    A. rancid
    B. praise
    C. hamper
    D. persist
  8. FLAGRANT most nearly means . . . .
    A. vibrant
    B. glaring
    C. vicious
    D. pleasant
  9. MITIGATE most nearly means . . . .
    A. relieve
    B. blend
    C. defend
    D. confuse
  10. RAIL most nearly means . . . .
    A. scold
    B. push
    C. try
    D. punish
  11. RALLY most nearly means . . . .
    A. demonstrate
    B. muster
    C. course
    D. truly
  12. ABJECT most nearly means . . . .
    A. indigent
    B. desire
    C. despondent
    D. extreme
  13. BESPOKE most nearly means . . . .
    A. gentle
    B. quiet
    C. tailored
    D. handsome
  14. DIFFIDENT most nearly means . . . .
    A. apathetic
    B. shy
    C. arrogant
    D. quarrelsome
  15. PROFFER most nearly means . . . .
    A. mendicant
    B. wastrel
    C. predict
    D. tender
  16. MORDANT most nearly means . . . .
    A. dead
    B. gruesome
    C. fetid
    D. caustic
  17. CHURLISH most nearly means . . . .
    A. childish
    B. boorish
    C. tempestuous
    D. disorderly
  18. ANTEDILUVIAN most nearly means . . . .
    A. antiquated
    B. parched
    C. nonsectarian
    D. nonsensical
  19. PICAYUNE most nearly means . . . .
    A. shy
    B. arrogant
    C. quarrelsome
    D. shy  


  1. B. To DUPE means to deceive or to trick.
  2. A. STIGMA means a mark of shame or discredit, or a stain.
  3. C. To RESIDE means to occupy a place as one’s home, or to dwell.
  4. D. COVETOUS means having an inordinate desire for wealth, or greedy.
  5. A. To ABIDE means to endure without yielding, or to withstand.
  6. C. SHREWD means marked by clever awareness, or astute.
  7. C. To FETTER means to hamper, or to restrain.
  8. B. FLAGRANT means obviously wrong or immoral; glaring means painfully obvious.
  9. A. MITIGATE means to make less severe or painful, or to relieve.
  10. A. To RAIL means to scold in harsh, abusive language.
  11. B. To RALLY means to arouse for action, or to muster.
  12. C. ABJECT means cast down in spirit, or utterly hopeless; despondent means having lost all hope.
  13. C. BESPOKE means custom-made; tailored also means custom- made.
  14. B. DIFFIDENT means shy or lacking in confidence.
  15. D. To PROFFER means to put something forward for acceptance, or to tender.
  16. D. MORDANT means biting or caustic in means or speech.
  17. B. CHURLISH means resembling an ill-bred or vulgar person, or boorish.
  18. A. Antediluvian means so ancient that it could have come before the time of the flood and Noah’s ark or antiquated.
  19. C. PICAYUNE means trivial or of little value; paltry means trivial or meager

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