A SYNONYM is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language,

The exercise is designed to help you prepare for the verbal and written sections of many assessment and entrance exams. By completing the exercises you will also increase your vocabulary and refine your knowledge of words.

Which of these words is closest in meaning to the word provided?

1.  REMOTE:       A. Automatic      B. Distant            C. Savage             D. Mean

2. DETEST:           A. Argue               B. Hate                 C. Discover          D. Reveal

3. GRACIOUS:    A. Pretty              B. Clever              C. Pleasant          D. Present

4. PREDICT:         A. foretell            B. decide             C. prevent           D. discover

5. PENSIVE:         A. oppressed     B. caged               C. thoughtful     D. happy

6. BANISH:          A. exile                 B. hate                  C. fade                  D. clean

7. FRAUD:           A. malcontent   B. argument       C. imposter         D. clown

8. JOVIAL:            A. incredulous   B. merry               C. revolting         D. dizzy

9. INDIFFERENT: A. neutral          B. unkind             C. precious          D. mean

10. SIMULATE: A. excite              B. imitate             C. trick                  D. dislike

11. CHARISMA:   A. ghost               B. force                 C. charm              D. courage

12. APPORTION: A. divide            B. decide             C. cut                     D. squabble

13. GENERIC:     A. general           B. cheap               C. fresh                D. elderly

14. QUALM:       A. distress           B. impunity         C. persevere      D. scruple

15. REVERIE:       A. sadness          B. enjoyment    C. daydream      D. curio


1.            B. Remote means faraway, or distant.

2.            B. To detest means to feel intense or violent dislike, or to hate.

3.            C. Gracious means to be pleasant or considerate in social interactions.

4.            A. To predict means to declare in advance or to foretell.

5.            C. Pensive means moodily or dreamily thoughtful.

6.            A. To banish means to drive out from home or country, or to exile.

7.            C. A fraud is someone who is not what he or she pretends to be, or an imposter.

8.            B. Jovial means good humoured or merry

9.            A. To be indifferent is to be marked by impartiality or to be neutral

10.          B. To simulate is to assume the outward appearance of, or to imitate

11.          C. Charisma is magnetic charm or appeal

12.          A. To apportion is to divide and share out

13.          A. Generic means having the characteristic of a whole group, or general

14.          D. A qualm is a feeling of uneasiness about a moral issue, or a scruple

15.          C. A reverie means the state of being lost in thought, or a daydream

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