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pexels-photo-416322.jpegAfter you have completed your assignment ALWAYS try revising and editing it, asking yourself:

QUESTION: Have I answered the question as fully as possible?

  • What is my thesis/ central proposition/ main assertion?
  • Did I make a clear argument or take a position about the topic?
  • Did I state that position in my introduction?
  • Does my introduction or opening paragraph prepare the reader for what follows?

STRUCTURE: Is my research essay clearly structured?

  • Does my assignment have a clear introduction, a body and a definite conclusion?
  • Does the assignment advance in logical stages?
  • Are the major points connected?
  • Are the relationships between points expressed clearly?
  • Do the major points all relate to the topic and contribute to answering the question?

PARAGRAPHS: Are my paragraphs clearly connected and coherent? 

  • Does each paragraph begin with a topic sentence?
  • Do the sentences flow smoothly and logically from point to point?
  • Does each sentence clearly follow on from the one before?
  • Does each paragraph state its case clearly and completely?
  • Should there be more evidence/ detail?
  • Are there adequate transitions between sentences and paragraphs?
  • Are transitions varied or are they all the same kind?
  • Are all examples and quotes relevant to and supportive of my answer?
  • Are facts and opinions supported with examples or explanations where necessary?
  • Did I leave a sense of completion for my reader(s) at the end of the paper?

quote-chalk-think-words.jpgEXPRESSION: Is my written expression appropriate?

  • Have I used direct and clear language?
  • Have I explained my ideas clearly and explicitly?
  • Have I kept my audience in mind?
  • Have I said all I need to say so that my reader can understand, or am I assuming they will ‘know what I mean’?
  • Have I written complete, grammatically correct sentences?
  • In long sentences, have I separated related ideas with commas or semicolons for easier understanding?
  • Is my use of tenses correct?

REFERENCES: Have I fully referenced my sources of information? 

  • Have I referenced all the words, ideas and information sources I have used in my assignment?
  • Have I used a consistent referencing style?
  • Is there a clear distinction between my thoughts and words, and those of the author(s) I’ve read and cited?
  • Are quotations properly introduced?
  • Are they accurate?
  • Are they formatted correctly?
  • Do the quotations add evidence or provide an authoritative voice?
  • Or am I letting the author(s) speak for me? Or . . .
  • Would writing it in my own words be more effective?

Ever TriedWORD LIMIT: Have I remained within or exceeded the set word limit?

I don’t have enough words: 

  • Have I fully answered the question?
  • Do I need to read more?
  • Should I include more information or discussion?
  • Have I provided enough evidence to support my argument/s?

I have too many words:

  • Have I included only relevant information?
  • Is there any unnecessary repetition in my assignment?
  • Is my written expression as clear and concise as possible, or is it too ‘wordy’?

CORRECT ERRORS: Have I proof read and revised my assignment for errors?

  • Have I checked my spelling?
  • Have I read through my assignment and not just relied on a computer spell checker?
  • Is all my bibliographical information correct?
  • Have I used correct punctuation?
  • Have I ended every sentence with the correct end stop?

PRESENTATION: Is my assignment well presented?

  • Does the presentation follow any guidelines set by the English Department?
  • Have I included a cover sheet/title page?
  • Have I made sure my assignment is legible?
  • Is it typed or written neatly?
  • Have I used double-line spacing?
  • Have I numbered pages and used wide margins?

UPLOADING: Have I uploaded it onto as required?

  • Did I strive to paraphrase where necessary?
  • Is my referencing (in-text citation) correct?
  • Am I confident enough to upload it onto

This isn’t a walk in the park dear folks. Take your time and do your best to REVISE your work before it is checked against plagiarism.

Believe In Yourself

Good luck in all your endeavours.

As of old: Be EMPOWERED and EXCEL!


  1. This is a very good paper 📄. Most scholars are not critical of what they write 📝. They leave the readers to fill in the gaps. In the process they lose credibility and substance.

  2. This is a very good paper 📄. Most scholars are not critical of what they write 📝. They leave the readers to fill in the gaps. In the process they lose credibility and substance.

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